Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Camp & Students {Old and New}

Last week was a great one. I spent the week with fourteen of the greatest teenagers and several of my favorite friends at Summer Camp in Williams, AZ.

These girls were so fun: super adventurous {many of them zip-lined, swung and were blobbed all in one afternoon}, hilariously fun {dance parties--and instructionals--each evening}, and incredibly vulnerable {each willing to share life stories and struggles with both me and their cabin-mates.}

Another highlight of the week was watching several of my old students {two from twelve years ago and many from two years ago} interact with their students at camp. One of my old students was running the camp--she killed it, obviously. 

I remember how bonkers I was twelve years ago, {and, well, I'm aware that I am still pretty cuckoo's nest} so it is amazing to see that--despite my chaos--these girls deeply love Jesus and are choosing to be part of the lives of students in hope that now and years from now they, too, will be people who seek to follow Him.

On the last morning, Dom and I took a short break from chapel rehearsal to sing one of our favorite duets. My friend Jenny caught it on video.

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Trevor Harrison said...

Really enjoyed the post. The video at the end: wow!, seriously, not the best audio, but you can really hear the strength of your vocals. What songs is it?