Friday, August 14, 2009

And What A Week It's Been

I love students. Well, I love the next generation. {I guess that doesn't, necessarily, have age attached to it: maybe I love the newest generation of Christ followers? Or those earnestly trying to figure out what that means...}

I love the idea of participating in their growth and encouraging them to find their way to God, to an excitement for God's plan, to an authentic passion for loving and serving others...and, ideally, finding all of this faster {easier? earlier?} than I did.

The seven girls in my cabin this week {I began the week with six and had a seventh show up mid-week!} were so receptive to God's was beautiful to see their minds at work: asking questions about the verses they had read in solo time, asking questions about how to better impact their schools this year, asking questions of one another about what God is doing in their life or how they can begin to climb out of old routines.

I found myself posing questions, this week, that were equally as challenging to my own life as I had hoped they would be for the girls...

I have been working toward a defined list of "what I learned at camp", but these days I feel like God is teaching me so much, in such high-speed, that I'm having trouble keeping up.

Maybe that's something else I need to write things down.

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TS Harrison said...

It's kind of a sickness isn't it?
But also a joy...thankfully, because the hurt we enter into and the sacrifices made and the energy and ideas spent it's almost madness that we would pursue this generation.
Ps. 71:17-18