Sunday, August 12, 2007

Camp By Numbers

2 weeks of camp (so far)
3 cabins
13 7th Grade Girls
8 Freshman Girls
9 Junior and Senior Girls
6 bug bites
1 Piece of Mail (Thanks Kayla!)
2 Letters that were sent but never arrived
15 chapel services
36+ songs sung
12 recreation games played
1 broken leg (sorry Katie!)
1 skate ramp conquered (again, sorry Katie!)
50+ games of Carpetball played
8 Oreo shakes
13 nights not spent in my own bed
4 new friends made
30 students I love more
2 conversations about end times
3 conversations about intercessory prayer
1 conversation about angels and heaven

It's been an exciting, yet exhausting few weeks...I have a few posts in my head, they just need to be written out...I'll get there, I promise!

4 comments : said...

8 Oreo shakes! Yummm (:

poncho said...

So fun!

Heather McTaggart said...

Oh you are alive...whooo! I was worried! HA! Glad you have a great eventful 3 weeks!

Julie Hibbard said...

I don't think we'll have any of those things in Prague or Vienna or Budapest...
maybe the 36 songs...
So good to have you blogging again!