Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whose Teeth Are These?

My grandparents are the best. {As I mentioned before.}
This morning, Amanda and I went scavenging* through Bum's storage unit. {I'd like to say that it belongs to Bum and Papa, but as you can see from this picture, it's filled with decorations, quilts, dolls and rocking chairs...not much of the stuff belongs to Papa.}

You can hardly see Amanda in this picture because she was so excited to search through the boxes... I looked around a bit, knowing that soon I will have a place that needs to be furnished and decorated. In my hunting, I found this jewelry box.
I was looking at the pins and the assortment of buttons, when I came across these teeth! I said, "Oh, Bum! Whose teeth are these?" {Thinking, there must be a story behind these disgusting, old, teeth...} Bum's response: "Well, I don't know who those teeth belong to!"
If you are storing someone's old teeth, you have too much stuff in storage.

Amanda made a huge dent in the abundance of stored stuff; she took an old cabinet, a bedside table, a magazine basket, a lamp, a framed needlepoint, an old Holly Hobbie-esque place-mat, three old windows and two old shelves. I had to curl-up in a ball behind her seat for the drive home.
I walked out with this frame
The incredible old 8mm video camera, which was Bum's high school graduation gift from her parents.
And this beautiful book, The Confessions of Saint Augustine.
I also found a few more frames and a great desk/bookshelf that will go in my new home {hopefully pre-Kenya rather than post}...

Oh, and the best birthday present for my cousin Logan.

*Did you know that trolling does not mean searching? I'm glad I looked it up. {but now I can't stop singing, "While trolling through the park one day..." which are not the correct words...okay, now I'm singing "trolling with the homies"...stupid!}


Julie Hibbard said...

sounds like you had an amazing time trolling down memory lane! (Boo!)
So glad you've helped clean out the storage too!!!
I hope your home is pre-Kenya too. I really look forward to that!

Gina said...

The teeth are not mine. I throw mine in the trash when they fall out. I don't ask Bum to put them in storage.