Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two More Classics

Once again, in effort to watch the AFI Top 100 movies {and with more help from Brian Hurst}, I watched The Maltese Falcon.I have to say, this movie falls more under "glad I saw it" than "I totally loved it". Interesting, though not super captivating. But I will say Bogart has a classy voice...

Humphrey Bogart and the Maltese Falcon: "this is the stuff dreams are made of".
After the falcon was found and the proper felons imprisoned--it was time for Roman Holiday.
I loved this movie. Audrey and Gregory...Holly and Atticus...So good. {And, what a surprise! Oliver Wendell Douglass, too!}
Their familiarity was so well-written: I love saying "hi" after having spent a lot of time together. I love mind-reading eye contact. I'm so impressed at the way this was depicted in the movie.
Rent The Maltese Falcon.
Buy Roman Holiday.


Julie Hibbard said...

I have never seen either one of these. Do they put their hand in the Mouth of Truth in Roman Holiday? Oliver is there and not in NYC or having flapjacks with Eb in Hooterville?
I will put this one on my Netflix list immediately.
Thanks for the reviews...
BH, thank you too.

Allie said...

OK - so I just looked at my blog reader after months of not looking at it (yah, I'm never around a computer anymore) and I was catching up on reading some blogs...most people had 4 or had 51. Bravo!

I love that you blog all the time, you're amazing!

b.hurst said...

i think roman holiday has my favorite ending of any movie ever.