Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thirty Things To Do Before I'm Thirty...

I made a list of 25 things to do while I was 25...but I will be 26 in 2, I guess I didn't make them all happen...13 though, not too bad.

Since I couldn't make 25 happen in one year, I thought my next list will have a longer deadline. is my list of 30 things to do before I'm 30: (all are tangible things...and I have 4, here goes nothing)...

30 Tangible Things To Do Before I'm 30

1. Read over 100 books
2. Get a giant tattoo
3. Perform somewhere (in a club, bar, coffee shop)
4. Go on another vacation with Katie Edwards
5. Fit in my old jeans
6. Read through the entire Bible
7. Buy a Louis Vuitton overnight bag
8. Watch at least 75 of the 100 Best Films of All Time
9. Throw two giant costume parties
10. Visit:
a. Japan
b. China
c. Australia
d. Ireland
e. Sweden
f. Ukraine
g. Costa Rica
h. Italy
11. Score over 160 in a game of bowling (sounds easy...but it might be the most difficult of all)
12. Take a ballet class
13. Go golfing with my Papa
14. Fluently speak a second language
15. Make a mosaic table for my house
16. Run a 5k
17. Invite at least 20 people to church
18. Write a book (even if it's never published)
19. Own some sweet high-heeled boots
20. Bring at least 10 students to Kitale, Kenya
21. Learn to read music
22. Dress up and have dinner at a fancy restaurant
23. Watch 9 new series of TV on DVD
24. Skydive
25. Live in New York
26. Kiss someone (a really good kiss)
27. Make a delicious--from scratch--dinner for friends
28. Spend an evening in a room lit by dozens of candles
29. Buy a dress from Bottega Veneta
30. Learn to play an instrument


blythe said...

I was surprised and delighted that getting married wasn't on the list.

i've always thought it shouldn't be a GOAL...or shouldn't be on a person's mind unless they have someone specific in mind. otherwise marriage ought to freak more people out, i think.

but maybe you just forgot to put that...

Unknown said...

consider urself excuses now!