Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 300 (Update #3)

As my 500th post, I made a list of goals that I would like to reach by 500 days from that day. Here's the link...Day 500 happens to be October 2, 2008.
Day 100, Day 200, Today is Day 300. goes:
* Read at least 23 books.
I have read 12 so far and am currently reading two others. I will attain this goal.

* Write something (a short story, some poetry, a song, a YM resource)...CHECK

* Weigh 135.
Not now...but with all the bike-riding in Kenya, I'm thinking I'll get there!

* Speak near-fluent Swahili.
Nope...but living in Kenya might help this one too!

* Travel to at least 10 countries I have not been to before.
Only 3 new countries so far...planning at least two more in 2008...we'll see!

* Be financially independent...CHECK

* Have serious Kenya-living plans...CHECK
Letters are being sent out soon...I leave July 22! So scary...and so cool!

* Be en route to a Master's degree.
Nope...this may be the only unattained goal...

* Record...CHECK

* Laugh a lot. Loudly and a lot...CHECK
Of course...

Day 400 (Update #4) will be Thursday, June 26, 2008...

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