Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What Made This Week Of Camp So Awesome: The Activities

What Made This Week Of Camp So Awesome
The Activities

The camp we visit is incredible for so many reasons: the layout (everything centered around a main lawn, no big hills or dark paths to get to and from your cabin), the cabins (they provide bedding and pillows, no sleeping bags!), and the free time activities (zip line, blob, water slides, and a giant swing.)

^^ my crazy girls decided to go on a morning hike. i took this photo from my bed, thankyouverymuch.

^^ each day, there's a huge recreation game designed to engage all 300 campers at once. most of the games are messy, all of them are perfect for my ultra-competitive girls.

^^ the water slide in to the pool is my very favorite piece of camp. but this giant swing is a close second. i can't begin to explain the emotional dichotomy that occurs the second that swing starts to ascend.   

^^ this was a new addition to camp this year. they sent two guys to the middle of the lake (in a boat they paddled out using two frisbees) and launched water balloons at them from shore (while the rest of us watched from the dock.) you would have thought they were launching daggers at them based on the squeals coming from the boat as the balloons approached. when the water balloons ran out, three boys swam out to capsize the boat. one leader paddled the boat to the blob and jumped out while the other tried (and failed) to keep the attackers at bay. in the end, luke ended up under the boat, losing his glasses to the dark depths of the lake. i could not stop giggling through this entire event and requested that we do this every summer.

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