Friday, August 15, 2014

What Made This Week Of Camp So Awesome: My Friends

What Made This Week Of Camp So Awesome
My Friends

I firmly believe that great work is done by great friends. I have loved, so much, being able to work and serve alongside of some of my very best friends over the years and this week of camp was no different. 

Taking a really long bus ride, only to walk in to a cabin of equally as exhausted, but super excited, high schoolers has the potential to be defeating. But when you get to sit between your great friends at leader meetings and spend the last hour of free time (read: typically the hour the cabin is empty and best time for the leader to take a nap) rehearsing with a band-full of people you love, that makes things a little more manageable. (Don't get me wrong, my girls were the best this year, so I really only had one "shut down" evening and even that only lasted an hour or so.)

Anyway, here are the friends that shared the week at camp with me.

One of the costumes for the skit was a pair of overalls. (Mine are not a costume) When Trevor and I realized we had matching shirts, he graciously agreed to be my twin for a very-well-documented hour or so.

The bus ride home took a few extra hours, for some reason...even the students were  d o n e  with being trapped.

But we made the most of it with lots of photos (including quick photos on each cell phone before handing them back to students) and several rounds of "what are the odds?" and a rousing chorus of "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" as we passed a very full Angel Stadium.


emily said...

So fun!! The pictures of you and trev are perfection!!

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