Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Made This Week Of Camp So Awesome: My Girls

Looking through the photos from camp, I think it's easier to separate them by categories than by, here's the first installment of 

What Made This Week Of Camp So Awesome
My Girls

This year, at Summer Camp, I had a cabin of 15 Junior/Senior girls. For many of these girls, this was our third (and final) year together. For a few, we'll have one more to make four. 

These girls came to camp ready. Ready to dance. Ready to spend full free times running from the pool to the zipline to the blob and back. Ready to eat ice cream every day. Ready to share the burdens they've been carrying. Ready to cry together. Ready to find freedom that only God can provide.

We had difficult, painful, and hopefully, healing conversations in cabin time...and we laughed and led incredible dance parties during every other moment of camp.  

We also slept from midnight to 7:30am every night. Tell me that's not a dream come true with a cabin full of girls!

Making sure to capture the group as much as I could, here is a group photo (or at least13/15ths of one) from each day.

Eaaaaarly morning Monday

Monday evening with our cabin cups

Tuesday: Team Star Wars
(I'm in the Jabba suit, obviously)

Wednesday: Photo Shoot while in line for the giant swing

Thursday: 90s night

Friday: our traditional cabin photo

Ladies, I am so proud of you. For the ways you love one another. For the way you are seeking to follow God's will for your lives. You are fighting heavier battles than any group I've had before and you are caring for each other so beautifully in the midst of the pain. I love each of you for all that you are...and all that you are becoming. Thanks for a really great week.

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