Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shipwreck Island!

I was in two show choirs in High School: an all-girls group called Choralistics and a group of 13 couples {in matching blue sequins no less} called Soundsation. We choreographed, rehearsed and performed about a dozen songs each year. I loved it.

I still love to dance...it's easily one of my favorite things. 

So, when I realized that it would be part of my job to lead worship for our Children's Ministry Vacation Bible School, I did my very best to hide my excitement. Not to spare myself the embarrassment, but to spare my coworkers the discomfort that would have come from not knowing how to respond to my joy. 

I got to wear a Britney mic while I sang and danced for about an hour each day. That was my job for the week. Tell me this isn't exactly what someone who lettered in Show Choir was meant to grow up to be.

^^ The cast of players was full of friends, which only served to make the week more fun. Dom was a great sport--we made him do all sorts of silly stunts to make kids laugh at the start of each session. Including making them scream loud enough to knock this pirate hat off of his head! {So lame, I know, but the kids loved it!}

^^ Jordan {who I've known since he was in 7th grade} played Captain Bluebeard and spray-painted his face every morning.

^^ Between morning and afternoon sessions, we took the band {made of Jr High and High School students} to breakfast--and, of course, took a few photos.

^^ While we were eating on the patio at Ruby's, an older couple walked by on their way out. The man stopped at our table and dropped tiny paper airplanes he had folded for us out of the paper napkin rings. The boys, of course, made a game out of them...and before you knew it, Dom's coffee was ruined.

By the end of the week, the kids knew all of the song lyrics and dance moves...thought you might like to see a quick video of the action.

Seriously considering taking this show on the road. Let me know if you're looking for someone to sing and dance as you go about your daily life.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I work with two men whose kids were there and knew all the songs and moves at the end of each day! They showed me videos of you up on stage leading and dancing and singing and SMILING and LOVING what you do each day!
There IS no better way to spend your time.
And yes, Mr. Rouse would be so proud!