Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Saturday Provisions

Last Saturday, after a V E R Y long and very fun week at work, I had to drop my car at the dealership for a part replacement. There are few things that put a damper on a relaxing morning like a one-hour line at 8am.

Fortunately, my brilliant friends, Jolene and Taylor, were there to salvage the rest of the afternoon. We made a delicious breakfast and watched a few episodes of Friday Night Lights before hearing that my car was ready for pick-up.

Since we were already out in Orange, we headed over to the Circle for lunch and ice cream.

Have you ever been to Provisions? The design is as rad as the food...

To the embarrassment of Jolene, I was trying to capture the other side of the market too.

I gave up trying to get the whole shot myself since Jolene was facing that direction...

After lunch, we walked next door {well, two or three doors down} to a la minute ice cream shop for my first liquid nitrogen ice cream experience. It was fascinating to watch all the science that went in to my tasty treat!

I had the espresso chip in a waffle cone...which melted quicker than I would have liked {I want to take my time with my ice cream, but I had to eat this super quick to avoid wearing it!} but it was really good while it lasted!

I'm certain this was the first of many afternoons in the Circle.

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