Monday, March 31, 2014

35 by 35 {an update}

I have mentioned that innate desire for it should come as no surprise to you that I have made several lists and blogged about my progress, successes, and failures.

25 by 25

500 Day Goals {in which I had little understanding of the brevity of 500 Days}
30 by 30

I posted my 35 by 35 in August {two months before my 31st birthday}, but only had 29 of the 35 things chosen. And so, here is the complete list, as well as an update on my progress:
35 Things to do Before I Turn 35
1. Record the life stories of all four grandparents {2 completed. 2 in-process}
2. Travel to 15 never-before-visited states {5}
          a. Massachusetts
          b. Rhode Island
          c. Connecticut
          d. Maryland
          e. Pennsylvania
3. Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market
4. Raise $1000 for charity: water
5. Write 365 notes in 365 days
6. Learn to use a sewing machine
7. Do the splits both ways
8. Read 40 books {4}
            a. Harry Potter 1
            b. Night Film
            c. Special Topics in Calamity Physics
            d. Intensity
              {currently reading: The Jungle Books, East of Eden, Birds of America, and A Hologram for the King}
9. See 25 bands play live {10}
            a. Bethel
            b. Moxie
            c. Ivan & Aloysha
            d. The Lone Bellow
            e. Cast of Once pre-show
            f. Dominik Michalzik
            g. Tyson Motsenbocker
            h. Lowly Spects
            i. Noveller
            j. St Vincent
10. Participate in the freeing of a child slave
11. Learn to drive a stick-shift
12. Create "memorable childhood moments" for kids who have had to grow up too quickly
13. Travel to 2 never-before-visited countries
14. Attend a balloon festival
15. Make a lobster dinner for two
16. Complete 60 DIY projects {25}
            a. bjork swan dress
            b. pumpkin garland
            c. donut pumpkins
            d. Mike Wazowski
            e. black and white canvas
            f. animal masks {16}
            g. claw gloves
            h. pink ribbon canvas
            i. stocking garland
            j. sequins ornaments
            k. cloth napkins
            l. embroidered map routes
            m. pinecone garland
            n. mood board
            o. brooch magnets
            p. paris calendar
            q. herb pots
            r. painted bobby pins
            s. vodka gummy bears
            t. mounted animal heads
            u. dentistry mobile
            v. surfer canvas
            w. legwarmers
            x. chalkboard wine glasses
            y. felt owl
17. Be in a photo shoot
18. Complete an entire Annual Bible Read with Mariners
19. Write a song
20. Read the Complete Works of Shakespeare
21. Address a set of envelopes in calligraphy
22. Camp 
23. Hike to the Hollywood sign
24. Watch every Hitchcock movie in which he made a cameo {9 of 36}
            a. North by Northwest
            b. Rear Window
            c. The Birds
            d. Vertigo
            e. Psycho
            f. The Lady Vanishes
            g. The 39 Steps
            h. To Catch A Thief 
            i. Suspicion
25. Complete a Color Run {registered for the May 10th race! Go Team 'Color (Run) Me Badd'}
26.  Speak conversational Swahili {currently enrolled in a Swahili class and  l o v i n g  it}
27. Host an outdoor movie night
28. Spend 52 days unplugged (one day a week for a year)
29. Watch planes land from the hood of a car
30. Learn to use my camera // take and frame two photos
31. Take OT and NT classes {currently listening to an OT class on iTunesU}
32. Watch 3 new TV series
            a. Melissa and Joey
            b. That 70's Show
            c. West Wing {almost finished!}
33. Record a Christmas album
34. Buy a domain for my blog {still can't figure out how to link it properly, but I own it!}
35. Have coffee with Bob Goff


Julie Hibbard said...

SO impressive. Your lists, your likes, your life.
So VERY impressive!

The Brook's said...

I like you! Let's hike the Hollywood sign together that's on my list too!!

Ryanne said...

The fact that Melissa and Joey are anywhere near this list made me laugh out loud.

We should talk about Special Topics In Calamity Physics. I just read it. It was painful. So the fact that you read it again is so interesting to me. I know it is one of your favorites, but it took everything in me to get through it.

Josh Treece said...

Several of these would fit in the overlap of the Ven Diagram of our two lists. I would like to tackle some of them in June.