Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I had an imaginary friend growing up. His name was Peeley Herman Block. His wife's name was Penelope.

2. I can remember the birth dates of every one of my friends from Junior High. And every student ID number I've ever been assigned.

3. I drank my first glass of Orange Juice when I was 27.

4. I can't jump very high, run very fast, or whistle very well.

5. I always tell the truth. Not simply because am I a terrible liar, but I also because I believe there is always room for the truth.

6. I've ridden a horse, an elephant, a camel, and an ostrich.

7. I am in the background of an episode of Boy Meets World...wearing red plaid pants. {It was 1997, that was stylish.}

8. I am almost always reading at least three books. {two fiction: one in my purse, one in my room; one non-fiction}

9. I kinda hate Disneyland; with the exception of Mickey Mouse Rice Krispy Treats and the Christmas snow.

10. At least twice a day something brings me to tears: a story of life-change, a moment of deep insecurity, a "saw this and thought of you" gift delivery, my co-workers telling me it's almost time to decorate for Christmas...tears.

Inspired by my post with a similar title from November 21, 2007

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