Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cold Dark Matter...And Engine Oil

To continue the discussion we began yesterday,
I thought I would tell you a bit about the best art installation I've ever seen.

by Cornelia Parker

Parker filled a shed with objects she had collected
from friends' sheds and neighborhood sales

She then blew-up the shed,
collected the pieces
and attempted to recreate the moment after the explosion.

Here's the installation:

Parker's piece is, easily,
my favorite installation of all.

Second, would be Metropolis II
{which is currently on display at LACMA}

A room custom-built for the installation,
it is filled with oil and has the illusion of well-polished, mirroring floors.
Visitors are able to stand in the middle of the dark sea via a narrowing walkway.
{The only permanent installation at The Saatchi Gallery}

I really love art.
More about art tomorrow, I'm sure.

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