Thursday, February 23, 2012

Put On A Happy Face

I prefer to put on my make-up

sitting on the floor

with natural lighting

using a eyeshadow palette mirror.

I hold the mirror in my left hand,
brush/pencil in my right

with all the pieces laying on the floor in front of me.

The other morning, I realized
this might not be a common place to "put on your face"
but it's become such a routine for me.

Where do you put on your make-up?


Sara B said...

I always do it in the bathroom but realize sometimes I could benefit from using more natural light...I used to sit on the floor and do my makeup when I was in high school though!

That Girl Skye said...

I do my make up on my living room or my bedroom floor. After waking up I like sitting down before I have to get up and start my day.