Monday, January 02, 2012

A Photographic Recap of 2011

Golfing with my Papa and Cousin on Valentine's Day {Feb}

Luke "artsy-ed up" some of my great-grandparents' slides {March}

Spent an afternoon with my grandpa and cousin, Elijah {April}

Played some Settlers of Catan
The game was not shirts vs skins, though it appears that way {May}

Our 2011 Kenya Team {June/July}


Grace (Left) rapped for Boaz

Met Alice in Bosnia Refugee Camp

Carried a ship on a plane

Korode and Peter

P.I.G. and Etao

Our photos hanging in the boys' room

Steve and the Matryoshka Doll

Hiking near Cambria with my dad and Reese {August}

Drove through Santa Barbara on my way home

Our five new HSM staff members {September}

Built a giant Settlers of Catan board

Turned 29 and visited Harry Potter World {October}
Renewed my driver's license

Darth, Dorothy and a Zombie Soldier {October}

Our team threw a costume party

Spoiler Alert: Snape Kills Dumbledore

I found a treasure of a vest for Ryanne
And she gave me the treasure of this photo

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family {November}

Handmade each of my Christmas gifts {December}

Spent almost three hours opening gifts on Christmas Eve

Moved in to a new condo...with a new roommate

Rang in the New Year with 150 of my closest High School friends!

Excited to see all that 2012 will hold.
And, if the Mayans are wrong, you'll see another post just like this in January 2013.

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LOVE this! LOVE it!