Thursday, July 29, 2010

Healthy Habits

I've been home from Kenya for about 10 days. In these 10 days, I have been trying to develop some healthy routines {eating vegetables, flossing, taking vitamins, spending time name a few.}

There are a few reasons for these recent developments, but that is not what this post is for. Though, I would imagine a post on such things is coming sooner than later.

The new adjustments simply served as a reminder of my 30 Things to Do Before I'm 30 list that I made on my 26th Birthday.

Here's the list.
*The red denotes completion. The others...well, let's just say they are "in motion"
It should also be noted that I have made a few tweaks to the list (for reasons such as: I no longer wear jeans).

1. Read over 100 books (I'm at 27...I should step this up)
2. Get a giant tattoo
3. Perform somewhere (in a club, bar, coffee shop)
4. Go on another vacation with Katie Edwards
5. Fit in the green dress*
6. Read through the entire Bible
7. Buy a Louis Vuitton overnight bag
8. Watch at least 75 of the 100 Best Films of All Time (I'm at 53. It speaks to my lifestyle, but does not reflect my college degree that I am closer to this goal than number 1.)
9. Throw two giant costume parties
10. Visit:
a. Japan
b. China
c. Australia
d. Ireland
e. Sweden
f. Ukraine
g. Costa Rica
h. Italy
11. Score over 120 in a game of bowling*
12. Take a ballet class
13. Go golfing with my Papa
14. Fluently speak a second language
15. Make a mosaic table for my house
16. Run a 5k
17. Invite at least 20 people to church
18. Write a book (even if it's never published)
19. Own some high-heeled boots
20. Bring at least 10 people to Kitale, Kenya* (I'm at 2. We took 8 to Nairobi, but I don't think that counts)
21. Learn to read music
22. Dress up and have dinner at a fancy restaurant
23. Watch 9 new complete series of TV on DVD* (So far: 5 completed)
24. Skydive
25. Live in New York
26. Kiss someone (a really good kiss)
27. Make a delicious--from scratch--dinner for friends
28. Spend an evening in a room lit by dozens of candles
29. Buy a dress from Bottega Veneta
30. Learn to play an instrument

To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm more embarrassed by the lack of progress I've made in almost 2 years or by the list itself. It's funny to read through and think about the person I was when I wrote it...I'm such a different person now.

There are a few things on the list that I would not include if I wrote it today. Maybe it's time for a re-write?


Julie Hibbard said...

I think it's GREAT to see that some of the things you wanted even two years ago are no longer a priority. I DO think you got dressed up and took me to Ruth's Chris for Mother's Day...
I think you could BOLD and RED that one! :)
I'm already "tweaking" my 50 things to do before I'm 50 list. And I only made that a few months ago.
Tweak away...then enjoy each day!

Kristen said...

I'll do a 5k with you!

Marco! said...

I'm from Costa Rica!!!
If you need help going there let me know lol it's really cheap and really nice to go visit.

Hey I'm trying to get a free book called "The Day Metallica Came To Church" and as part of the thing they ask people to post the link in a couple of youth ministry blogs... So here it is
I think it has a free chapter and stuff. The first chapter sounds good! haha

Hope you are doing good and I hope you go visit Costa Rica for sure.
pura vida!