Monday, August 02, 2010

Subjecting Yourself To A Subjective Subject

Productive is a very subjective word.

The word changes meaning with the day, as far as I am concerned.

On a work day, my productivity-meter is well much so that I have (many times) been chastised for berating others on their lack of productivity. (As a result, I have calmed down quite a bit in the last few years.)

However, on Mondays (my day off), my definition of productivity is completely different. On any given Monday, I base the success of the day on: how many magazines I can read in an hour, or how many episodes of TV on DVD I can watch without getting up to go to the bathroom, or how long I can lay in bed before taking a shower. If I'm really crazy, productive becomes putting away a load of laundry, painting my nails, and plucking my eyebrows. (But most Mondays I intend to do these things and never get around to them.)

And so, as I sit here tonight, I think back on the many magazines read today, the full disc of The O.C. completed and the fact that I was only out of my pajamas for 5 hours all day...and I know that today was a very productive day.


Julie Hibbard said...

Berating others on their lack of productivity? Where did you learn something like that?
Today is my day "off"...I am on my second movie, have something being "dyed" in the washer and the dishwasher is humming away. (It's 7:50am!)
And I'm in my jammies, catching up on blogs and emails...
what is productivity for some is pure relaxation for you and me.

Mama Oasis said...

I am so excited that I got to spend most of the 5 hours that you were wearing real clothes (and quite adorably, I might add) with you.

I know we weren't totally productive in the traditional sense...but, when you left my house, I felt like the hours we had spent together has certainly been the most enjoyable of my day!


PS..sorry about that deleted comment. There was a grammar problem that I couldn't live with..ha!

PETE Di LALLO said...

I find it highly hilarious that the success of your day's productivity can be based on how long you can watch TV without going to the bathroom...
you are one funny lady...

TS Harrison said...

that's one of the best blog post titles i've ever read.
just reading that elevated my day from 'slightly productive' to 'productive'.