Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glee Can Build A Beautiful City...Yes We Can...

It has been really, really fun watching Glee this year. I was super behind on jumping in and had dozens of conversations in which people would say, "Really? You don't watch it!? This was your would LOVE this show!"

Well, all of those people: they were right. I love this show. I have cried at two of the last three episodes.

My favorite part of this show's popularity is how many more people understand what I'm talking about when I say I was in Show Choir in High School. For years, we would joke about it and no one knew just how great of a joke it was...and now, it really means something. We were called Soundsation (14 couples--all blue sequins-ed up) and Choralistics (about 30 girls). It should be mentioned that I just found (and joined) the ETHS Soundsation Facebook Fan Page. Yep, it exists.

Clearly, we didn't do as many dance numbers in the halls of the school...but we did have our share of closeted homosexuals, boyfriend/girlfriend madness, cheerleaders, Rachel-esque soloists and even a number involving a train.

Oh, and at our "regionals"...we were number one...three years in a row.
Take that, Vocal Adrenaline.


Julie Hibbard said...

BEST title ever (that only a handful will understand...)

OK, now that I finally watched Gilmore Girls and as soon as I catch up with Friends, I need to start watching Glee.

TS Harrison said...

I loved the singing, but hated the asinine story lines.