Friday, June 11, 2010

Babies Are Over-Rated.

I don't love babies.
I know this sounds something said simply to get a rise out of readers.
In fact, this is 100% true.

I'm really not very stoked on the idea of babies.
They are kinda boring. And loud. And expensive.
They don't sleep when you want to sleep.
And, honestly, most babies just look weird.

I'm in favor of others having babies.
Great. Procreate.
But, as for me, I'm cool. Thanks.

**Where is this coming from?**

This afternoon I went to visit my friend, Sue, and her newest (of three!) children.
His name is Paxton.
He's tiny. And has sweet little Filipino eyes.
And I'm pretty sure he already really likes me because I used to yell at him through Sue's belly all the time.
I love my friend Sue. {And my friend Courtney, who was there through the visit, too!}
And I love all three of Taffy and Sue's kids ...I will run around, laugh and play with them all day...

But there is something so beautiful {and desirable} about the silence in my house right now.

And the fact that I will get to sleep in tomorrow. babies for me, thank you.

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Julie Hibbard said...

I'm not a big fan of babies either. And, in case you need me to say it one more time, I am absolutely cool with the idea of no grand babies. Fine for others, but, in my opinion, over rated for sure.
Silence, on the other hand, oh so attractive.