Saturday, May 29, 2010

When The Truth Is...That I Miss You So

I love Kenya. I have to imagine you know that about me.
You can read many, many stories about my love for Kenya here.

Last year, right around this time, I had hoped I would live there.
If all had gone according to plan (my plan), I would live there right now.

But I don't.
And, each day, I become increasingly more okay with that.
Because I know that someday, I will live there.
I just need to be patient.
Though this conversation is for another post.
{step sideways}

I try to begin each of my days--my drive to work each day--praying. On my best days, I actually talk to God, aloud, all the way to work. On my lesser days, I completely forget and listen to music (usually Vampire Weekend) all the way to work. (Believe it or not, I can feel the difference between those mornings throughout the remainder of my day.)
{step back}

This week, I spent three days in a row praying for the Oasis of Hope children. I tried to name as many as possible. For each of the House kids, I picture their faces as I name them. Some of the Centre kids have only faces--are frustratingly nameless to me.

Each of these three days--in the midst of my excitement about where God currently has me--I have ended my prayers in tears. I can feel, in my gut, the longing to see those Kenyan children.

I really like them.
Their laughter, smiles, unintelligible (to me) Swahili chatter...

What a great surprise to wake up this morning and find--in my blog roll--three posts from Chris, who is currently in Kitale. If I can't be there (yet), I'm really glad Chris is. It makes my "missing-them" a little bit lighter knowing that someone else who was longing to be there made it...and that those kids--who have been longing for visitors, finally received one.

You can read about his adventures here.
I'll be reading everyday.


BUM said...

You are so sweet and I know that all those children miss you and feel the same as you. But their gain will certainly be our loss. Because even though you are near us we don't get to see you as often as we'd like. We know your heart is in Kitale so we better start seeing you alot before you go. I love you lotsa lotsa.

Chris said...

Your the greatest. I wish that you were here with me right now, I know that these kids love you so much. They ask for you everyday. Oh and twoshoeru says hello (that isn't a joke, he asked me to greet you) Miss you and I can't wait to see you here or in Orange county.