Friday, May 28, 2010

iLove my iPhone

As has been mentioned several times in recent posts, I am Internet-less at my house right now.

Three years ago (when I lived in the lake house) this would have been a huge problem. But, thankfully, Apple has provided for me in my time of need.

My incredible phone has filled the void so well: (I do not understand how this phone can connect to wireless internet while my computer will not, but as an avid LOST fan, I am okay with unanswered questions)
• needed a post office (USPS app)
• wanted to make an amazon purchase (amazon one-touch app)
• didn't want to be behind on alternate LOST endings (you tube Jimmy Kimmel)
• reading blogs (google reader app)
• blogging
• emailing
• IMDbing (IMDb app)

I have spent so much time typing on this keyboard that I had difficulty on a desktop yesterday. And I can't really watch TV shows on my phone...the screen is too small to really enjoy the video. And no Netflix Watch Instantly has significantly slowed my AFI-watching. (Good thing my Dawson's Creek series DVDs were delivered on Tuesday!)

All this to say, I wasn't sure if I would really need an iPhone (need is a strong word), but I have thouroughly enjoyed--and realized my money's-worth in this last week alone!

However, my dad emailed me the instructions for setting up the wireless modem at my house, so real world-wide webbing will be had and enjoyed on Tuesday!

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Julie Hibbard said...

Being the Apple lover that I am, people can't believe that I don't have an iPhone.
I wouldn't be able to do ANY of that with my BlackBerry. No way.

Maybe your time without internet is God's way of getting you ready to go back to Kenya.