Friday, April 16, 2010

Here's To Happiness {Part 2}

I know I've made a happy list before, but I've been compiling a second over time {on one of the many post-its I keep on my desktop}. I think it's nice to keep record of Things That Make Me Incredibly Happy...

1. A new Sartorialist post
2. A conversationally well-placed Scientific term
3. Emailing back-and-forth so quickly it feels like instant messaging
4. A "saw this and thought of you" gift
5. Talking about a book that I love with someone who just finished reading it
6. Playing the "guess what song is stuck in my head" game
7. Sitting in almost-not-enough light
8. Molly asking "Hey Super Fun Alli, do you want to snuggle me on the couch?"
9. A specific conversational "call back"
10. Watching someone do something they really love
Stolen from Love, Taza.

If you want to write a list, I would love to see it...and even post it here.

1 comment :

Julie Hibbard said...

1. A note or card in the REAL mail.
2. Going to my first baseball game of the season.
3. An inside joke from WAY back with YOU.
4. Emailing back and forth really fast with YOU.
5. Seeing a new blog post from YOU on my Google Reader