Friday, April 16, 2010

Darlin' I Love You, But Gimme Park Avenue

Last night, I went to see Brothers at Sea up in LA. {They were super good, by the way. Download their album for free here. "Sun In Her Eyes" is my favorite...I've been singing it all day.}

My friend Jason picked me up from work and we drove up together. Thanks to his incredible freeway navigation skills, it only took us a little over an hour during high-traffic time. Well done, Petty.

With plenty of time before the show, we drove through the neighborhoods between USC and UCLA looking for dinner options...and I began to remember how much I love cities.

I love architecture. I love design and detailing. I love the story that is told by the historical and modern buildings resting side-by-side. I love the individuality shown by each of the unrestrained-by-association homeowners.

I love small side cafes with lots of pastries and no public restrooms.

I love the smell of cigarettes and pavement.

We walked around the SLS Hotel and I said, "Oh, wow!" at least two dozen times in that half-hour. Everything inside is art: from the concave mirrors in the hallway to the chocolate desserts in the was remarkable. I left wondering who is the person who has the amazing job of choosing which books would be displayed in the lobby of this beautiful hotel. {I'm a little jealous--Seriously! What a great job!}

I love the beach city where I live, but there is something about a giant walking city that will always feel inviting and attractive to me.

Maybe someday, after moving home from Kenya, I'll live in Manhattan.

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