Monday, December 28, 2009

Bould(er)ing With the Homies

Day two in Colorado was even more fun than day one!
Not as chilly, which definitely added to the enjoyment.

We began the day with a big cup of coffee and a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.
And then took Reese for a walk around the Boulder Creek.

It is seriously beautiful!
{and I did take all of these photos myself}
We walked at least a mile {in snow}...and even ventured off of the trails for a bit.
My dad apologized a few times because I was in tights and a dress, traipsing through the trees. But Jessica would have been so proud of runs in my tights and no issue with climbing in the skirt!

Here's the Boulder Public Library. It is gigantic and really pretty.
I suggested that my dad get a card, though I'm not sure he will.
Reese loves to chase the squirrels. She even tries to climb the trees to catch them. We had at least three groups of people stop to pet her and talk to her.
{Crazy how much people like dogs.}

After the walk, we headed in to town to look around in a few bookstores.
My dad bought me this book: Wild Things by Dave Eggers.
We continued to walk through town, in and out of shops, meeting some of the people my dad has begun to make friends with. It was fun to watch the older woman at the bank or the people at the furniture store who know his name and even a bit about his story. Nice to see him beginning community already.

We had a REALLY delicious lunch at a French Brasserie.
{Including a breaded goat cheese appetizer...yum.}

::: A few hours later :::

We went to see "Up in the Air"...
Then had an AMAZING dinner at Med {a Mediterranean restaurant.}

At risk of becoming my mother, I had to take a picture of our dessert.
A chocolate ganache-filled souffle with vanilla ice cream and candied almonds.
Oh my goodness...I went back to my hotel room feeling a bit nauseated, but so pleased.
The hotel I'm staying in is really nice.
Each night, I come back to the room to the TV on {which has scared me both nights} and my bed turned down and decorated with this cute little gold-flecked chocolate gingerbread man.
I ate last night's this afternoon.
It was tasty.

Tentative plans for tomorrow include a trip to the BMOCA {Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art}, a big cup of coffee and a massage! {More on that later...}


Julie Hibbard said...

Beautiful and oh so fun! Love your pictures--especially of the dessert! Yum. You may run the risk of being like me, but that's a good thing! One thing for sure...I will never be wearing a dress in the snow!
Please bring me a gingerbread man...

Gina said...

I have to admit that Reese is quite pretty. I even like her. As far as the dress, come on. Put on jeans and Ugg boots and a hat. I'm glad you are having fun. Is that gingerbread man painted gold??

PETE Di LALLO said...

What a beautiful city to visit in the winter... for a short time...
your photos are outstanding and could make many people want to move there...walking the dog must really please her, but how many times a day does one have to leave the cozy hotel, get dressed warmly then pick her up and take that beautiful walk?
Have fun...regards to your Dad...

p.s. the gingerbread man is downright scary looking!