Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bould(er)ly Going...

Isn't this a beautiful picture?
I spent most of the afternoon walking these streets...
window shopping, stuffing my hands deeper in to my coat pockets
in hopes of a little warmth.
{No joke, at one point today, I experienced the difficulty of
forming words with a frozen face.}I'm here in Boulder, visiting my dad who moved here about a month ago.

Most of his time has been spent putting together his new home, so he has yet to fully explore all that Boulder has to offer...that's where I come in {and my brother next week}.

We walked through most of downtown today, after a really tasty Mexican food lunch. Later, we had some soup, watched Julie and Julia, and finished off the night by standing in front of an open refrigerator eating hummus, turkey and pita bread.
{You can't help but be hungry after watching a movie about chefs!}

I'm back in my beautiful hotel room: laying in a huge bed, having just taken a bath while listening to Ray LaMontagne, and now I plan to play a quick game and go to sleep...

Ready for day number two!

*P.S. I did not take this picture, though I wish I could take credit for it...
I really was there today, it was just too cold to get a camera out


Lisa Marie said...

1. That game is ridiculous. I want to master it.

2. Glad you're having so much fun there. It looks beautiful.

3. I'm actually superimpressed that you ate such healthy food after watching that movie...I wanted to eat a stick of butter afterwards.

Julie Hibbard said...

What a beautiful place!
Good food, good movie and a bath in a hotel room with Ray?
Save the extreme cold, it sounds like the most perfect of days.
Can't wait for the synopsis of day #2.
Stay warm!