Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mild, Medium, Boulder

After a nice, warm cup of coffee this morning, we took Reese out for a walk.
This little squirrel was brave enough to play chicken on the bridge.
We visited the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Three exhibits on two floors, including a big display of chicken coops.
It was all slightly underwhelming, except for this San Francisco artist whose paintings made up the entire second-story display. {Her art reminds me of "Aaahh! Real Monsters!"}

We had some tasty pizzas for lunch and made a trip to Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods before it was time for my free massage. The St. Julien Hotel gives each guest $50 per day to spend in the gift shop, spa or hotel dining. So, I took advantage and had a great massage today!

We spent the rest on dinner tonight.
Who knew that the "famous dish" was homemade, gourmet tator tots?!
Mmmm...so, so good.
Full from dinner, we took a brisk walk around town.
Here's the courthouse decorated for Christmas.
My dad's house is really coming together...
Here are a few pictures he took to show the progress.
I love the giant, dark-wood door

And, of course, the projection screen
{it did make Julie and Julia a lot more delicious-looking!}
The craziest part of it all is that there is no freight elevator in the building, so the only way to get furniture in {and eventually out} is over the balconies. Evidently, everything in the building {refrigerators!} had to come up over the railings of the balconies.
We watched them lift some building supplies in this morning. What a crazy process!
I'm flying home tomorrow. It's been a very, very fun {and super delicious} week...Hope I can frequent Boulder to see my dad and eat some food!

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Julie Hibbard said...

His house looks fantastic!
A spa treatment sounds heavenly!
And...tasty pizza and gourmet tator tots...
wow...I don't think it gets much better!