Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day Jitters

Tomorrow is my first real day of work.
I've been with the team at staff day and our Soul Renovation Experience (which, you should seriously consider attending and/or taking your students through), but tomorrow will be my first day in the office.

I'll get a desk. And an email address. And a key fob.
And I'll have to find someone to have lunch with.

I was trying to think of a time {outside of my first day at Serrano Intermediate} when I was this nervous about fitting in and having someone to have lunch with. {I mean, I know that I will be friends with the staff, but what if everyone has lunch plans tomorrow?}

Such a silly fear, but this is actually happening in my head right now.

I keep making jokes about DJ Tanner...
"DJ had to eat in the phone booth on her first day...and she grew up to marry Aladdin..."


Shea Sanden said...

Praying for your first day!

IF it makes you feel better I would totally eat lunch with you. I am sure you will find someone, but it all else fails Skype me in and we can eat together!

Alyssa said...

I like that joke! Goood luck!