Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Younger You

I did not make this jpeg; if I had, the question would have been punctuated with a comma instead of a period.

I thought this might make for some interesting comments...

What are 3 things you would go back and tell your past-self?
I'll post mine tonight.


Gina said...

I would say to myself, keep your savings account high. You don't need to go to Target everyday and spend $200.00. 20 pairs of jeans is plenty. Go out with the guys who ask you out. They might not be around when you want them.

Julie Hibbard said...

I'd say:
most of what you're thinking about will not even be an issue five years from now.
Enjoy life more...don't worry so much. Eat it! Go to the game.
And, I would say:
Don't buy the house--
and take your money out of the stock market.
Other than that...I would say: go be with your grandparents more...they will be gone five years from now.

Erin Rutenbar said...

I would say don't worry you really are going to love this child he will change your life. Where you live doesn't matter as much as long as you have a roof over your head.

Luke St.Hilaire said...

i would say:
1. lets go bowling, you need to get better at this
2. name it shelby
3. babes love mustaches