Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These Are Cute.

My friend Allegra {whom I know more through blogger than real life, but we actually had dinner together once, so it's not totally creepy} just launched a line on etsy.

Check them out here...frenchie and flea

If you'd like to make a purchase for me, I'd like these {the cards shown above}
Here are a few things I might use to fill in the blanks which equal love:
Teddy Grahams + Chocolate Milk
Seth + Summer
Post-Rain Asphalt + Cigarette Smoke
Beard + Stripey Sweater
What's your equation?


My Name Is Michelle said...

Those are awesome! I may just have to order me some!

Julie Hibbard said...

dinner in the living room + Gilmore Girls Season 7 = LOTS of LOVE!

raglandfamily said...

new walking shoes+ sunset=♥

Allie said...

I thought I recognized this when I first saw it...then I read that it's my COUSIN'S DESIGN!

I'm glad you guys are blog friends