Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter Egg Lotto

Cute Ellie planned an Egg-citing night for Abby, Dylan and Molly. (I know: boo.) I was planning to join-in any Edwards/Maguire Tuesday night fun, so why not head to Ellie's?

After a tasty dinner, there was an egg-dying bar set-up in the kitchen...

Dylan, which did you make?

"Super Fun Alli" (That's what the Maguire kids call me...which is unprompted and so funny) taught Dylan to dye an egg two colors...you know, like it's wearing a belt.
Molly giving her biggest smile.
Ron took us back to the '80s with a sweet splatter-paint egg
Ellie had a full schedule: while the kids were dyeing, Jeff had to hide pre-filled eggs and a basket for each kid. There were three strings (one for each kid) that zig-zagged through the house and, eventually, ended at his or her basket. They were so excited to hunt. While they hunted, Amanda ate candy out of the Easter eggs that were hidden within reach of her chair. Jeff told her she was like the Easter-version of the Grinch. So we sang "You're a mean one, Easter Grinch"...
Molly did not care what was inside the eggs, but she was very excited to have found the polka-dot egg.
Abby, on the other hand, was stoked to find coins inside!
Though they had eaten, dyed, and hunted...the night was not yet over. Ellie had made cookies and three colors of frosting for a decorating party. Each kid got three cookies (and I ate one, too).
Abby was very meticulous with her decoration...yellow chick, blue egg...
Molly had a bit too much candy...but was still so dang cute.

The best part of the night was sitting and laughing with the grown-ups while their kids were fully entertained by Ellie...How can you not love that?

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