Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Went Camping Once

Jaime just twittered about this...

Evidently, there is a better way to go's called GLAMPING.

Check out the website HERE.

THIS is where I'd love to go camping: this drainage pipe.

Thank you, Jaime, for giving me so many more things to dream about!


Gina said...

When people ask me if I like to camp I say: If you mean sleeping in a hotel, with running water and electricity, then yes I do like to camp.

This does look better than sleeping in a tent in the dirt, however, it is still camping to me. Even in a drain pipe.

greatoutdoorsdirect said...

Glamping adds a new edge to camping with style and comfort. Important to remember to still enjoy and create it as a true outdoor experience thou.
Hotels in the wild are just simply hotels in the wild. Glamping is different, very special, as it gets people out there to realize the power of nature. No one said we were'nt allowed to camp in style. Hope you get an opportunity to give it a go sometime.