Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PDYM Day 2

Today, I had some incredible conversations with youth pastors...

I talked with Brian about his newly adopted Ugandan son and daughter, a recent message he taught on injustice, and a lot about his melting ice cream.

I talked to a group from a church in Los Angeles (who are driving to and from LA each day) and have never before been to a conference, and were unaware that PDYM was a book before it was a conference. The woman shared a bit of her story and could not stop saying how much God has changed her life, and His unending love and grace. As we ended, Doug Fields brought over a copy of PDYM for each of them...they were excellent.

Then I met a man from Albania, who taught me to say hello. We talked about International Twitter.

We also had some sessions, showed some funny videos, learned a lot...but these were the highlights of my day.


Julie Hibbard said...

Thinking of you...!

brian c. berry said...

thanks for saving every last drop of my ice cream. ALL my raspberry chocolate chunk made it safely into my belly thanks to your concerns.