Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cry...As Much As I Want To...*

This morning while listening to Pandora, Joshua Radin's "Only You" jumped in to the mix.
And it reminded me of a ridiculous moment from the Ohio trip.

I sat down to talk to the Fields family (minus Doug) and through a series of topics began to talk about how often I cry.

They joked about that dumb JC Penny commercial. You know the one I'm talking visual kryptonite.

Two of the kids say they've never seen I begin to describe it to them...and totally start crying. They, of course, begin to laugh.

Then I say, "Only one other commercial has ever made me cry like that: the Olympics commercial where the man is racing and gets injured and his dad comes out and carries him across the finish line..." And, as if on cue, begin crying over that one, too. (I'm teary-eyed even typing this).

About 10 minutes later, someone enters the conversation and asks why I look like I was crying...and, explaining it, I cry again.

So...just to prove I'm not alone in this...please watch these two commercials and let me know if you really, truly are not moved by either one.

Just so you know, since I'm at work, I didn't watch these videos just now...I need to get some work done and can't do so if I'm weeping.
*One dollar to the first person that can name what song this title comes from.


ali said...

i'm a broken heart by the bird and the bee!

neely said...

that olympic video gets me every time too. not the jcpenney one...sorry!

MamaSue said...

Only you - Alison Moyet

Julie Hibbard said...

Crap...I'm crying my eyes out!

Jen Panunzio said...

I loved the JCPenny one...never have seen it...of course it made me think of me and Lindsay and while I didn't shed a tear, I came pretty darn close. The other one was good too...thanks for sharing! And I forgot to mention in your last post, if you have a 5/10/15 party I better be invited! :)

Luke St.Hilaire said...

hahaha you would cry at that jc penny commercial. it's not even that ridiculous, your just confused by the song. just listening to that song got me going a little bit.

but then i thought how funny it'd be if it was like sixth sense and the mother was actually a ghost the whole time

but then it'd actually make the commercial about a million times more emotional if she was dead

so many layers to that commercial