Friday, March 06, 2009


I love Math...really, I do.

I can't even explain how excited I was today every time I wrote 03.06.09...

I tried to think of all of the other years when I have missed the beauty of dates like this:

And then, remembered that I will live through so many more!
05.10.15 (oh man...I might have a party for that one!)


Julie Hibbard said...

You are SO my daughter! I thought of how cool 3/6/9 was all day yesterday! LOVE this!

The OC Josh said...

Don't forget square root day at the beginning of the month. 03.03.09

Jen Panunzio said...

And don't forget pi day!! 03/14 :) You know I had to put my two cents in!!

blythe said...

remember 9/9/99? i was in 8th grade and my home ec teacher made a huge deal about that.