Monday, September 29, 2008

We Are The Members Of The All-American League

Last night, we watched A League of Their Own.
I love this movie...I've seen it at least 25 times, but for some reason, last night, I almost cried four or five times while watching it. I don't know just choked me up a bit.

So, I say, "This movie is really getting to me tonight. I've almost cried a few times."
And, to my surprise, Chris' response is, "Me too! I just didn't want to say anything because I thought you would laugh at me!"

Then, as the movie was ending, we were interested to learn more about Women's Baseball. So, of course, we googled it. We read all about their 11 years of play and even learned that they are taking a cruise for their 2008 reunion.

I asked, "Is there anything about the first African-American female to play? Wait, what year did Jackie Robinson start?"

So we looked up Jackie Robinson and found that he began playing in the middle of the women's baseball league craze. Logically, that would have opened the doors for African-American women, right?

I got on Wikipedia and clicked baseball color line to see if there was anything about the first female. Then I found a link to African-American Firsts. I clicked there and read through that list...mayors, baseball coaches and owners, first inter-racial TV kiss, but no women's baseball.

I did the next logical thing: I twittered my question...and then went to sleep.

I woke up this morning to my answer:
Thank you, TS, for helping increase my baseball knowledge.
Shame on you, Google and Wikipedia, for not yielding the results I needed.


TS Harrison said...

Ha...I googled it too.
It was the third result in my first search, but the first I clicked on. I swear I found it in less than a minute.
Now Jackie Mitchell of the 1931Chattanooga Lookouts will forever be locked "in the vault".

Julie Hibbard said...

SO fun! I love baseball, I love trivia and I love Google. And I love TS. Can't wait to meet him at the World Series!
Thanks for the education this morning!
Love YOU!

Lisa Marie said...

Dude, I totally tried finding this for you when I saw your twitter yesterday but I couldn't find it! I'll have to work on my research skills. I love that movie though...when Betty gets the telegram from the War Department, it always makes me cry!!