Friday, March 07, 2008

My Sawyer Nickname

I found this on, along with some other gems.
Did you know that you too can have a Sawyer-given nickname?

Check it out here.

I tried at the Maguire's and was nicknamed: Half-Pint

Then, at home I tried twice more...

I'm sticking with "Rinse N Repeat"...way better than Brainpan...

What's your Sawyer nickname?


C-Lowe said...

Hey allison. I love your blog btw. My nicknames were sugarpop or ladybug -- i'm not sure i love either of them, but it was a great diversion!


Zach said...

Yeah I got "Pud". What kind of name is that! Recently picked up your blog via Josh and enjoy it. Have a good one!

Ange said...

mine was chairman mao!!!! then it was sweet cheeks. I <3 Sawyer.