Saturday, June 16, 2007

OCD: Target Style

Every week I shop for supplies and prizes at Target. For a while it was every Thursday on the way to work, then I fell out of that it is just sometime during the week.

When it was every Thursday, they knew me...they knew that I worked for the church and they knew I was always buying a lot of ridiculous stuff to turn in to fun.

Now that I have no pattern, I am stuck with people who don't know me. They look at all of the items I have on the conveyor belt and, I'm convinced, they think I have OCD. I buy everything in fours (since we have four services). Always five or six different items, four of each...and a few obscure items for luck.

This week:
4 items from the $1 section
4 badminton sets
4 twin-super soaker sets
4 Remote Control Tarantulas (which I'm hoping to open and play with if one is unclaimed at the end of the weekend)
40 composition notebooks
4 packs of gum
2 packs of altoids
a package of hot dogs
a jar of peanut butter
paper plates
baby wipes

As of this week I will only need 3 of everything. I wonder how long it will take me to snap out of buying 4? I wonder if any Target employees will notice the switch and think I lost a child or something?

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joshpease said...

good memories ...