Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nana Keeks

Today we celebrated 3 birthdays, a graduation and Father's Day in one fell swoop.
During dinner (which I spilled all over my pink shirt forcing me to change clothes) we started talking about what my mom would like to be called when she becomes a grandmother (which is still a long-time off).

She mentioned "Juju" to which I responded that she will have some Grandma connotation in the title she receives from my kids. My aunt Gina said she won't be called Grandma either...she'll be Kiki.

I offered the suggestion of "Nana Keeks"...and she went nuts...her response made it even funnier to me and the rest of the we kept it up all afternoon.

I was told "Get out of my house" at least four times.
I was dis-invited to the next family gathering.
I was locked out on the back porch.
I changed the name on her birthday card and she threw it across the room.

Then she almost started crying...and said it wasn't funny at all and she doesn't like and could I please stop.

You're a good sport Keeks!


Julie Hibbard said...

She's gonna get you for this one.
I am sure by the time I become a grandmother--and by the time they can speak, I will be ready for some form of the "Grandma" name.
(But NOT "GRANNY" ok??)
Julie will be fine.
Ask Josh Peters--he calls his grandma "June"

blythe said...

i call mine Nana, and i think nana keeks is adorable. it would likely be shortened to either just nana or keeks over time..

Gina said...

This is a WONDERFUL blog. I'm so happy I could inspire you to write something so exciting and be your entertainment for the day.

Pete Di Lallo said...

Alli Hib...
you are in deep poo poo...I'd watch my back if I were you...Gina has a memory that specializes in revenge...
she's gonna get ya!!!