Saturday, June 16, 2007

Yesterday's Adventures

I came home last night physically exhausted. I laid down to blog and couldn't do it.

Yesterday, Griff and I (with various friends throughout the day) shot a series of seven videos for the PDYM Student Leadership Conference.

Here's a recap:
* Allison Murray drank a bottle of hot sauce
* Griff ate In-n-Out (I know, he should have switched Allison)
* Leigh mapped Australia
* Danny counted change
* I found some bees
* Bella taught us some phrases
* Griff and I dropped a computer off the top of the worship center

Okay, the computer drop was the last video we shot, and the best part of the day! Knowing I would blog about it, we took some photos...

There are TWO ladders to climb to get to the roof of the worship center. We had a giant computer to take with us (tower, LCD screen, keyboard and mouse). The boys McGyvered a blue bucket with a rope and pulled it up the ladder.

We climbed up after--it was about 94 degrees outside...

The church from the roof

The solar panels on the roof

Darren climbed up the second ladder with one hand, carrying the heavy computer in the other...without him, I doubt we would have made it all the way up.

A small crowd gathered, anxious to see the destruction

I can't give it away, in case any conference-attendees read this post, but here is the computer after the drop...(the post-it note says MONITOR NOT WORKING)

I'll be sure to post these videos after they run at the conference!


Julie Hibbard said...

I will definitely look forward to seeing that video!! You have such a fun job!!

Allison Murray said...

i'm gonna go ahead and say we have the best job in the world. =)

i'm sooo glad you decided to blog about the day AFTER my part. =)

Josh Peters said...

thank you for referencing McGyver.

matt said...

Was it a functioning computer? I think I might cry if it was, that monitor would have been perfect as my second...

Josh(ua) Treece said...

These are the types of adventures that I miss the most