Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My friends, Allison

These are some recent photographs of my two friends, Allison. I regret that I only have one picture with Allison M--oh, they are both Allison M!--so Allison Murray...and intend to rectify that soon.

NOTE: This is why we are friends: she also refuses to touch public items with her bare hands.


Allison Murray said...

yay. 3 allisons =)
i'd like to say i've known the other allison for a long time...she was kind enough to forward all my emails to me when i first got here and everyone though MY email address was allisonm instead of amurray. good times. =)

Allie said...

oh silly saddleback people - what do they know about having two allison m's to e-mail? it was my pleasure forwarding the e-mails...i actually knew you (allison m) before i knew you Allison H! crazy...

ps, i have a huge head. look at the picture with the allisons...big head, little head, little head.