Thursday, May 24, 2007

London, Lambeth

Today when I logged in to my blog, I jumped on to site meter to see who's reading...I am now in the habit of checking at least once a day (loser, I know).

I was really excited, today, to see that my blog was checked from the UK...from London...from Lambeth...(that's where my church in London is located.)

Obviously, I couldn't wait to see if I could tell who it was...where did they click "in"...where did they click "out" many pages did they view, etc.

When I clicked on summary, it showed me that it was someone else...they had used and searched "scariest things in the world". My blog about my biggest fears was a search result.

All this to say, it made me miss my friends...It's been a year (this week) since I've seen them. I miss them everyday. Everyday something reminds me of being in London, makes me think of one of them.

So, in case any of you actually do read my blog...

I miss your faces and want to see you soon!

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