Wednesday, May 23, 2007


On more than one recent occasion, I have wished that I were able to blog using a scent...

Yesterday, in the women's bathroom at work, I wished that I could capture the smell to share it with you. Not because it was disgusting, but because it smelled as though I were in a GIANT LYSOL BOTTLE. Someone had lost their sense of smell, along with their sense of courtesy, and decided to spray about a year's worth of Lysol in the bathroom.

Now, I'm all for cleanliness...and for fresh odor...but this was way too much. I had to use the restroom with my shirt over my nose and mouth, and close my eyes to keep them from burning and watering. (This sounds over-dramatic, but I kid you not, it was this strong!)

Allison and I went to the mall to exchange a gift I had purchased...on the way back to the car, we stopped in Sephora to buy Allison (not me) some perfume. She wasn't sure which she wanted, so we pretty much smelled them all.

I found this one called "falling in love" and, let me tell you, that is exactly what I did with this scent. I fell in love...because it smelled like cotton candy. I hate the taste of cotton candy. I hate the stickiness of cotton candy. I hate that it dissolves in your mouth. But, oh the smell! I sprayed it on this little paper strip and carried it around the the rest of the store with me so that I could constantly smell it. I'm going back to buy some, so you can smell me later...

If I were able to, I would link these two smells HERE and HERE.

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