Friday, May 11, 2007

Life is Like a TV show

In TV shows, it seems as though everyone in the family is struggling with the same issue: every child is dealing with temptation, or has a friend who is being tempted. Watching from home, it seems unrealistic; no way that five people have the same situation happening at once.

My life has been this way lately.

On Monday, I had a conversation with a good friend about purity.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I programmed weekend services on the subject of sex and dating...this weekend's topic is "Sex: What was God thinking?"

This morning, I sat with Katie and Elizabeth as Katie processed the purity workshop she is teaching at The Promise.

I couldn't help but feel like the Camden Family...


Brent said...

I like the new banner.

David Hughes said...

whether it's purity or simon's earrings...the camden family has seen it all...and made it through...