Friday, May 11, 2007

The Promise Conference

We are wrapping-up opening night of The Promise, a conference for women and girls.

Josh and I emceed the session. We played cell phone shootout and "Yo Momma".

Josh, having teased me all day, played the JC Penny commercial, and I cried. Twice. On stage. In front of 1300 people. Cried.

Nikki lead us in beautiful worship through music. (The most powerful line: "Spirit of God, would you fall in this place. Lord, have Your way. Lord, have Your way in us.") I love corporate worship...but that's a completely different blog.

Now, Chad Eastham is teaching a session called "The Truth About Guys". He's brilliant. Very articulate...a great combination of truth and humor. I would pay money to see him again, soon. Check him's his site.


Allison Murray said...

i thought the JC Penny commercial was super sad as well. Josh just has no heart....its fine. =)

Brent said...

Wilson said they just kept playing the commercial over and over. Now that's funny.