Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I will make a conscious effort to be better at...

* Budgeting
* Friendships
* Tithing
* Singing
* Relational ministry
* Defending people in conversations
* Delegating
* Playing bass
* Finishing books I begin
* Accepting criticism

How about you? What could you stand to improve upon?


poncho said...

Many of those...
-accepting critism
-not being too strait forward
-caring a little more
-being nicer in general
-having a quiet time where I read my Bible
-not gossiping

The list goes on and on

P.S. I really like this post, it made me think of what I need to do to improve. That is always a good thing

Allie said...

Forgiving those who bite me

Elise B. said...

many of the same...

-accepting critism
-quite time with God
-reading my Bible
-practice guitar more
-standing up for myself more

many, many more..

Heather McTaggart said...

*Time management
*Not saying "let's do lunch" unless I mean it (this one bit me)!
*hanging with the kids
*closing the computer more
*being patient
*giving and sharing
Boy, this list could take all day..
*calling my mom
*doing laundry...
Ok...that will be today's list...tomorrow it will be longer I am sure!

joshpease said...

I play bass. I can help. I'll have time to do so when I'm out in California working at an internship I recently accepted (pending a theological interview and fundraising of course).