Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Memorial Day Memories

I had a really great Memorial Day.

I was supposed to have a barbecue with some friends, but ended up having a barbecue with other friends...sorry former, thank you latter.

We spent the early afternoon watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3; which I enjoy more than the second, but less than the first.

We spent the late afternoon and early evening eating food. I made Funfetti cupcakes (which were, in actuality, Rainbow chip-cakes and were really good), Allison made some vinegar-based vegetable something, Teresa made some baked beans, Shaun barbecued some bratwurst (for the others), chicken (for me), and corn (for everyone).

The kids swam in the pool, we sat around chatting and laughing...well, mostly laughing.

My favorite part of the afternoon was the prayer for dinner...Shaun says:

"Thank you for a day to remember those people who are farting for their country...I mean, fighting for their country..."

It was completely unintentional and, so, very funny.


Allison Murray said...

soooo fun. =)
i'm glad you've been hanging with us lately.
we're good people.

Kevin said...

Sounds awesome. Very funny Shaun prayer. Wendy and I had Kittenfest 2007. It's where we invite all the kittens in the house to play with us. There's feeding, string chasing and wrestling. Next year, Wendy and I might wear costumes.