Friday, November 17, 2006

Office Clean Up

As I cleaned my desk at the office today before I went home (a new "Friday afternoon rule"), I picked up a stack of "To Do" lists from recent weeks. The funny thing is, each of the lists had a few of the same tasks written on them. Among these: credit card reconciliation, buy gift cards, add Design Team to the calendar.

I did all three of those things this week.

The reason I bring it up is two-fold:

1) It was not good enough for me to simply cross these tasks off of today's "To Do" list; I had to cross them off of each of the lists they had appeared on. Oh, and I made sure to use a red pen: one that was light enough to see the cross-through, but not make the completed task illegible.

2) I ended up holding about 6 pieces of paper filled with crossed-off tasks. One might think that those lists could be thrown away. Oh no, I quickly filed them in my "Completed To Do Lists" file with the rest of my lists from the last 2 years in this job.

I'm sure this would qualify me for some type of support group, but I am quite happy to track my productivity. you make "To Do" lists? If so, save or delete? Check-mark, cross-through or erase completed tasks?


BW said...

When it's done, it's done. No saving. It usually gets crossed out before it meets the round filing cabinet.

Brian said...

i have a "three subject" college ruled spiral notebook in my office for to do lists, which is a daily thing for me...

Mike Lovato said...

I use the Tasks feature in Outlook which shows stuff crossed-off. I'll leave it there for a bit and then usually delete it when it gets cluttery or after I've completed several things. Your file may be one of the stranger things you do. :)