Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Second Annual Road Trip: Day 2 // The Boston Three Party

Boston is lovely, don't you think? 

Day two had been reserved for all-things-historical. We walked through the Boston Public Gardens and in to Boston Commons. Swan boats, a carousel and a fantastic amount of fall-colored trees.

Opting for a guided tour of the Freedom Trail was undoubtedly the way to go. We had the most adorable tour guide, who called himself James Otis after an important revolutionist. {He coined the phrase, "No taxation without representation!"} We saw important buildings, parks, and graves--many locations and people we were supposed to have learned about in elementary school--all of which became considerably more interesting standing in front of the actual site(s).

The World Series was in full-swing during our trip and the night before the Red Sox had won game four which meant they only had one left for the win! They'd been playing in St Louis, so Boston wasn't too crowded, but there was still a buzz about the place.

When we arrived at Fenway, we were lucky enough to see the Sox in-person from The Bleacher Bar, which overlooks the outfield.

Last, but not least on our list of things to see, Harvard! We picked up Kelly on our way to the campus--and she was so kind to hold her laughter as she watched how many photos we took {and listened to the girls quote Legally Blonde!}

I want to live in a brick house...or in a brick town.

Kelly {finally pictured!} took us to her favorite restaurant in Harvard Square, Park, where the manager, a friend of Kelly's, treated with unbelievable amounts of amazing food: appetizers, drinks, desserts! It was a crazy blessing of a way to end our run through Boston.

Here we are: the Boston Three Party
ready for day three of our adventure.
New York, here we come!